Random Tidbits

I love my camera

  • I’ve had a camera in hand since way before digital. Seriously.
  • I have a degree in art and art history where I painted, spent loads of time in the darkroom and was an art gallery curator
  • My work has been featured in Toronto Life Weddings, the Globe and Mail and has won a national advertising award
  • My past clients have included superb couples, beautiful babies, wonderful families, OCAD University, Niagara College, the Pediatrics Section of the OMA and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada

I love things that start with
the letter "c"

  • I have a son who is a pretty cute chap, if I do say so myself
  • A good cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of Cabernet in the evening are the perfect bookends to the day
  • I live with pair of crazy cats
  • I have a passion for cheese and carbs that knows no end
  • I love my companion for life, Evan, my cool husband

I'm Fun
(or my cat thinks so)

  • Horror movies scare me. A LOT
  • I'm a knitter, which I think is super-cool
  • I'm seriously passionate about the outdoors, recycling and digging in my garden
  • I can run with the bulls, alligator wrestle, and tame wild bunnies, all while making a gourmet meal. Okay… maybe that’s exaggerating. I just want you to feel confident that I am up to it

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